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Want to transform your life in 2023? If you want to make your transformation EFFORTLESS, you have to learn to be in the RECEIVING MODE

Zoomies To Bliss is your guide to mastering the universal laws of manifestation so you can overcome your fears and experience a life of joy, wealth, and health!

Imagine waking up to the life YOU prefer?

Instead of affirming or writing what you want hundreds times a day, how about just doing things that you enjoy the most and watch whatever you want appear like magic?

Zoomies to Bliss is not about giving you hundreds of manifestation techniques to try and see what works, it will teach you the foundation of manifestation so that whatever techniques you choose will work for YOU.

This approach helped me triple my income, change jobs without stress, and manage personal life challenges with grace.

If you really follow the guide and do the 30 day challenge taught in this course, you’ll be in a better place emotionally and ready to receive all of your manifestations in 30 days or less! 

I did it and so can you.

About the Course

Immerse Yourself in ‘Zoomies To Bliss’

In this 2-hour video course, we’ll delve into the fundamental laws of the universe and reveal how to tap into their power to manifest your desires.

Here’s What You’ll Master:


  • Lesson 1: The Universe – Uncover the mechanics of the Universe
  • Lesson 2: Know Thyself – Discover your true identity
  • Lesson 3: The Steps – Understand your path to manifestation
  • Lesson 4: The Formula – Implement the steps effectively
  • Lesson 5: The Tools – Master manifestation techniques
  • Lesson 6: The Signs – Recognize when you’re on the right path
  • Lesson 7: The Challenges – Tackle common hurdles head-on
  • Start Your 30 Day Challenge – Implement what you learn and see your life starting to shift in 30 days or less!

Note that you’ll have access to the content for the next 18 months. This is to give you an extra nudge to go through the course and make that life transformation you’ve always wanted.

Your Adventure Awaits

Start Your Transformation Today

‘Zoomies To Bliss’ goes beyond traditional manifestation courses by teaching you the fundamental laws of the universe.

Understand why certain techniques work for some but not for others, and build a solid foundation for your own success.

Enroll in ‘Zoomies To Bliss’ for a one-time payment of ONLY $44 through Stripe. Don’t mistake the affordable price for low quality.

This is my debut online course, and I’m offering it at an accessible price to reach as many people as possible.

This knowledge, garnered from esteemed teachers like Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Neville Goddard, and Dr. Wayne Dyer, has helped me reshape my life. I’m confident it can do the same for you.

You’ll Also Get The Tool To Help Monitor Your Daily Progress

Notion Manifestation Journal

The Best LOA journal

Zoomies To Bliss Manifestation Journal (formerly known as Beast Boss Journal) Will Help To Reprogram Your Brain To Remember Your “Future”

Making Sure You Do It

Keep Track Your Manifestation Practices

Effortlessly ensure you do your manifestation practices, like your INTENTIONS, APPRECIATIONS and VISUALIZATIONS, daily as it is easy to track and access.

In the Vortex All Day

Seeing It, Manifesting It

Having fun looking at your VISION BOARD and add on new pictures with EASE!

Inspired Ideas Database

Record & Plan Your Inspired Actions

Don’t have to remember them all! Record ideas in your journal and later organize and plan which one you want to prioritize and do.

And Much More!!


Sign Up Now & Enjoy These Too

Facebook Support Community

Connect with me and other students, ask questions, and share your journey towards manifesting your dreams.

The PDF version of the Journal

Feel like writing? Print out the pdf, write on them and you can take picture or scan and then upload to your Notion journal for records.

Abraham Hicks Rampage Meditation

Utilize these meditation audios, featuring brainwave entrainment techniques, to reach a receptive state faster.

Refund Policy

We do NOT accept refund for digital products (e.g. pdf and online course) and Notion templates.


Meet Chetz Togom

Hey, I’m Chetz

Formerly an Industrial Engineer, I turned my focus to manifestation and spirituality when I hit rock bottom in 2013.

After discovering Abraham Hicks’ teachings and applying what I learned, my life transformed in ways I could never have imagined.

I had previously subscribed to the conventional “no pain, no gain” mindset propagated by mainstream success gurus. But their strategies led me to repeated failures.

It was only when I embraced the knowledge about the laws of the universe and myself that I began to see positive changes and tasted success.


Honoring My Dogs

A little over a month before I launched this course, my soul dog, Jersey, transitioned to non-physical. My world felt shattered, and I felt lost and incomplete without her.

A part of me wanted to follow her, but another part of me knew that there was still something I had to do.

My motivation to share this knowledge is to honor my dogs. I feel that if I don’t, everything that my dogs did for me would go in vain.

Their unconditional love, joy, and presence in the moment taught me invaluable lessons.

By spreading their wisdom, I hope to inspire others to live their best lives, for themselves and their beloved pets.

If my story resonates with you, I invite you to join me on this journey.

Wait No More

The Time is NOW

Discover the transformative power of ‘Zoomies To Bliss’. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, harness the laws of the universe, and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.”

Remember, the universe is always listening, always responding. All you need is the knowledge to understand its language.

Take the first step towards living authentically, joyfully, and in harmony with the universe today.

I look forward to guiding you on this remarkable journey.”

Enroll in ‘Zoomies To Bliss’ and start your transformation NOW!

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