From Grief to Gratitude:


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What would you do if you stumbled upon a puppy for adoption that bears an uncanny resemblance to your soul dog who has passed away?

But here’s the catch: you’re currently homeless, finding refuge at a friend’s place, with no stable source of income. There’s simply no room or means to accommodate her. Would you still entertain the idea of adopting her?

February 23rd, 2024

“Don’t go meet her. You’ll be sad and emotional later.”

When I mentioned to some people my desire to meet this puppy who looks like Jersey, the majority advised against it, fearing I’d later regret the decision due to my inability to provide a permanent home.

Their cautionary words didn’t catch me off guard; such responses are typical among many. Their perspectives are often shaped by their past experiences and current circumstances.

However, it’s essential to recognize that our present situations are not static—they can and will change. That’s the nature of life: the only constant is change.

Knowing this, on February 27th, I embarked on a 90-minute journey to meet her. Before stepping out of my truck, I silently asked my dogs, Jersey and Qachim, to send me signs if this girl was meant to join our family.

February 27th, 2024

As I approached the shop, my eyes fell upon two brindle puppies confined within a cage, each exuding its own distinct personality and energy. It was the lively one that captured my attention. With treats in hand, I initiated a simple training exercise, teaching her the “look” command—she caught on within minutes. The look she gave me mirrored the same expression I’d often seen in Jersey’s eyes.

That evening, I mustered the courage to inform the rescuer of my desire to adopt this spirited pup, despite my current circumstances preventing me from taking her home. To my relief, the rescuer displayed immense kindness, offering to foster her until I could secure a place of my own and establish a stable income to support us.

Choose Happiness

You see, it’s all about following your excitement. Many people tend to harbor negative assumptions and refrain from pursuing things that ignite their passion, fearing potential disappointment.

In most scenarios, there’s an equal chance of experiencing either disappointment or joy, failure or success. For me, I’m willing to take the risk for the sake of happiness.

I can’t recall the last time I felt this exhilarated about something. Since Jersey crossed over, I’ve been grappling with depression, searching for a reason to keep going. And now, I’ve found it.

I’ve named this girl Jayden Jihan. Jayden, meaning “thank you” in Hebrew, and Jihan, translating to “universe” in Arabic. I’m overflowing with gratitude to the universe for bringing Jihan into my life and reigniting my spirit.

March 10th, ’24: Jihan met Reo for the first time.

The Goal

Launch Date: April 27th, ’24

Thus, the aim of Project Jihan is twofold: to kickstart my income generation and secure a place of my own, allowing me to welcome Jihan into her new home.

To achieve this, I’ll be leveraging my understanding of the laws of the universe and manifestation. If you’re familiar with the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Bashar, you know that our primary task is to follow our bliss, to find joy in the moment.

Following my excitement, I’ve transformed my online course, Zoomies To Bliss, into an ebook format. Given my current living situation—with limited access to electricity and relying on solar power and small capacity power banks—creating and editing videos is a challenge.

Zoomies To Bliss will serve as my initial income source, helping me raise funds to bring Jihan home. Priced at $17, the ebook includes the Notion Manifestation Journal and additional bonuses. While $17 is set as the minimum price, if you wish to contribute more to Project Jihan, your generosity would be greatly appreciated.

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Join Our Journey

In addition to selling digital products, I’ll be generating income through TikTok, IG and YouTube (@jazijanang). These platforms will serve as avenues for sharing my experiences as the black sheep, managing numerous rescued dogs, and delving into spiritual insights, alongside regular updates on Project Jihan.

Your support for this endeavor, as well as my mission to showcase the incredible potential of mutts (or mongrels, as they’re known in my country), is deeply valued.

Secure your copy of the Zoomies To Bliss ebook and Journal today.